Monday-To-Friday Wallet

Rs. 790 Rs. 1,250
  • Soft Nappa leather
  • TLB hardware
  • 4 inner compartments & 12 card holder spaces

Every girl needs one wallet that allows her to keep her mind free to worry about everything else other than a messy wallet. This beautifully structured and well-thought-out wallet ensures compartments enough for notes and cards; and style enough for every day of the week. 

We love Leather. Period. Every single product we make is hand made in India. This factory- specialized in luxury leather goods- was created in the mid 1980's by a team known for its passion and dedication to the craft.
We are in constant contact with the team to discuss the production and to talk about the development of new products.
More than a manufacturing workshop, they are genuine partners who believe in our project, our products and our vision of TLB since the first days of the brand.

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