INR 3,250
Brand: TLB by The Leather Boutique
Product Code: LH-CU-02
Availability: In Stock
Dimensions (L x H x W): 42 x 42 x 0 cms
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  • Assorted Fullgrain Leather
  • Unique colourway on each side
  • Hand stitched patchwork circle
  • Imported poly fibre filling

Colour: Earth

A true TLB home doesn’t just have a stylish wardrobe, it has a stylish everything! Our lovable square squishions are crafted from the softest leathers and to give it that true boho chic look we have it patchworked in earthy shades of clay and sand. Toss one on to your favourite couch for that TLB touch to the hearth. P.S – If you have a corner office, this piece would truly make you own it.


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