Around the World in Glamorous Leather

Whether its been months of meticulous planning or an impulsive decision to follow your wanderlust, the time to unleash the traveler in you is drawing close. From detailed itineraries to unique experiences, your dream holiday is quickly turning into a reality. But, in your hurry to discover a whole new destination, don’t forget to travel in the lap of luxury. And no, we aren’t just talking about that first class ticket!

Turning your everyday luxury into the perfect travel companion, ‘The Leather Boutique’ has put together a list of leather essentials to keep you sailing through your globetrotting escapades. With our expert suggestions, every step you take around the world will be one steeped in luxury!

Carry On Traveller


The holiday season in itself implies a time of blissful getaways and road-trips with friends and family. A leather duffle like our Dunkirk, that is equal parts functional and savvy, is your perfect travel accessory. A throwback to the classic vintage lines of the Colonial era, our new duffle is handcrafted with luxurious oily cowskin. It fits snugly in any aircraft cabin or corner boot space. Whether it’s work or more work, TLB ensures you do it in style.

Weaving Your Way

Herr Eidenbach

The rich texture of a basket weave meets supple calfskin leather in one of our most elegant briefcases. Our new Herr Eidenbach Briefcase is all you will need as you trot around the globe this summer with its thoughtful and compact design. It comes with several storage compartments including one for a laptop and documents as it takes luxury utility up a notch.

Globetrotter's Staple

Rodeo Tote

The Rodeo Tote is equipped to carry the numerous everyday essentials of a lady-on-the-go with spacious compartments and a snug design. From emergency supplies to travelogues and guides, this one keeps all your travel demands under a premium wrap of pebbled full-grain leather.High-Streets of Milan, here we come!

Packing a Punch

travel pouch

Take your organization skills to the next level with our basket weave leather travel pouch. From make-up and stationary, to e-help, first-aid and other pint-sized essentials, splitting them up into our efficient pouches will add a whole new dimension to utilitarian design. After this, rummaging through an over-sized travel tote will be a problem only for the ignorant!Pair a couple of these for the perfect gift.

Put a Tag on It

luggage Tag

Bid farewell to clumsy ribbons and make-shiftstickers with our luggage tags that are as useful as they are stylish. In hand-crafted enviable Nappa leather, our TLB Flier Tags come in a myriad of colors and aim to please with sturdy brassware and chic detailing.Strap them onto all your bags and get set to conquer new seas!

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