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Leather Products for Men and Women at The Leather Boutique Bangalore

Your Voice
Loved my first visit to the store - what a great place! I know I'll be back to get gifts for friends... I wonder if I'll be able to resist buying for myself as well. Such a great collection - thanks!
Liz Scully - Bangalore
Lovely Stuff !!
Ishreen Jolly - Bangalore
Nitya Noronha - New Zealand
Great  Store. Brilliant collection.Love the ipad.
Syma Ahmed - Bangalore
Zee & Jaynati Amazing store.We love it !
Arya & Jiti - Bangalore
Great Messenger Bag!
Shelton Dinhlero - Cochin
Fantastic Collection 
Sukanth - Bangalore
Hi Zeshan. we finally visited your store. It seemed so familiar to me after being so familiar with the TLB FB page. I loooove my clutch - a navy blue with a bow. Please convey our regards to your mum - Susan - who gave us the final push in its direction. Much love, Anjani & Bharath
Anjani Shetty - Bangalore
Our Japanese friend visited and purchased your fabulous bag. He really likes your bag and always shows off it.
It's our pleasure to see him.
Thank You!
Tomoki Nagaya - Japan
Very Nice Collection.
Asif - Bangalore
Lovely Place :D
Smitha Roshan - Bangalore
Jay and Zeshan .... was great meeting you guys on Saturday! Absolutely loved the stuff i picked up .... cant wait to come to the boutique and pick up more stuff!! 
Seema Sukumar - Bangalore
TLB has a good range and awesome products to choose from. Zeshan and Jayanti are a fab team, responsive and prompt - gifting an online voucher has never been so easy! With the online option its a great shopping experience for those who cannot travel to Bangalore.
All the best and wishing you much success!
Benaifar Nagwaswalla - Mumbai
Stylish Shop! Like the collection too.
Madhavi - Bangalore
Love the store theme and colours.
Megha - Bangalore
Amazing collections and very good service.
Gokul - Bangalore
Hi i am a big fan of your shop . i need to know if you make custom name tags .thank you 
Abhijit Bhograj - Bangalore
Very nice products!
Raghavendra - Hubli
Dear Jayanti & Zeshan Lovely shift ! I'm so glad i finally made a trip over here! Congratulations !!
Trisha - Bangalore
The store has turned out great .... Very proud of you. And whoever the photographer was has done an amazing job with the pictures!  I would definitely return.
Anusha Kariappa - Bangalore
Lovely Collection.
Suvarna Agarwal - Bangalore
Good Unique Collection.
Amitha Ravindra - Bangalore
Absolutely loving my new bag and wallet! 
Amrutha Srinivas - Bangalore
Liked the Hipflask.
Nisheeta Swarup - Bangalore
Neat stuff!
Mahesh G - Bangalore
Excellent collection ! Loved the wide range of stuff both for ladies & gentleman.
Mrs Sandhya Jagannathan - Bangalore
Love the colours !!
Jyoti Singh - Bangalore
Hi Zeshan,
Excellent customer service. TLB accommodated by request to deliver the bag to my hotel as I wasn’t able to visit their shop during my short stay in Bangalore.
Craftsmanship is pretty good. Definitely value for money.
Kelvin Goh -
Thank you  Zeshan.
We got the product and it is a thing of beauty. The packing was impeccable and the entire online shopping experience was great. Keep up the great work and Cheers!
Merry Christmas and a great year to you all at team TLB.
Mr Manoj - Bangalore
Great Styles !!
Smitha Sujir - Bangalore
Love the thought and effort put into every detail of the store.TLB is the best leather store around. Love it ! Only leather store for me from now.
Susanna Chandy - Bangalore
The stitches over the jacket and its lush green color is what makes it something to be present in your closet...
Stuti Uniyal - Bangalore
Very Good Stuff :)
Juli - Bangalore
So Vogue  :)
Gai Haobam - Bangalore
An amazing store and the perfect start! All the very best guys!
I'm sure you will go from strength to strength.
Sidharth Krishnama - Hyderabad
Love your stuff ;)
Gayathrie Mangalorkar - Bangalore
Enjoyed the visit. Lovely Stuff!
Lakshmi Sankar - Bangalore
Loved the stock & the detailing.
Nishi Rahman - Bangalore
Loved the Collection and the Service!
Asma Qureshi - Bangalore
The smell of leather says it all :)
Arjun Zacharia - Bangalore
I would like to extend my thanks to Zeshan and the team at TLB, I picked a rather stunning Wallstreeter specifically for my MacBook Air. After completing my order for delivery to the hotel earlier in the day it was delivered that night. Excellent service and the quality of leather and workmanship on my Wallstreeter was first class. I would recommend TLB to all, service and product A1
Rowan Savage - Wellington, NZ
Excellent Products. Best Wishes.
Manesh Chatterjee - Bangalore
Nice Products! Nice Stuff!
Assam - Japanese
Beyond Awesome !!
Nathanielle Kumar - Bangalore
Good Leather.
Yukiko lshikawa - Japan
Totally love the collection especially the bags.
Ritu Arya - Bangalore
Good Service !!
Jacques Corimbelly - Bangalore
Lovely collection !! 
Shruti - Bangalore
Beautiful Bags.
Chitra Shanmugam - Bangalore
Good collection !!
Gaurav Gupta - Bangalore
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