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Salisbury Duffle Mustang Sally
Leather LIfestyle Nappa Leather Jackets Personalisation Gallery

Leather Boutique Bangalore and Online Leather Accessories for Men and Women

Your Voice
Love your stuff ;)
Gayathrie Mangalorkar - Bangalore
The brand of TLB is also really popular among Japanese expats in Bangalore. Always looking forward to the new collection.
Tomoki Nagaya - Japan
Excellent Ambience!
Namitha - Bangalore
Looks so good, J & Z. Have fun
Suzanna Kurian - Bangalore
Love the thought and effort put into every detail of the store.TLB is the best leather store around. Love it ! Only leather store for me from now.
Susanna Chandy - Bangalore
Enjoyed the visit. Lovely Stuff!
Lakshmi Sankar - Bangalore
Awesome !! will be back .
Kai Chyne Woon - Bangalore
I just received the courier package for the wallet.
Packaging was pretty good, and I just love the Wallet.
It was exactly how I wanted it to be, and it feels pretty awesome aswell.
Sohail - Hyderabad
Love the leather smell !!
Akhila Srinivas - Bangalore
Love the selection and quality. Will be back !
Isabella Ruskin - Singapore
Good Store !! Unique Collection.
Karthik S - Bangalore
Very Great Collection.
Lakshmi N.K. - Bangalore
Good Wallets .
Yashu Sharma - Bangalore
Love your Designs!
Dhruthi Reddy - Bangalore
Very good collection .
Kusuma H - Bangalore
Love the store theme and colours.
Megha - Bangalore
Lovely Stuff !!
Ishreen Jolly - Bangalore
Totally love the collection especially the bags.
Ritu Arya - Bangalore
Different & Classy Stuff !!
Mr.Ganesh -
Great Colours.
Ramani Amnkumar - Bangalore
Loved the Jackets !!!
Vasavi P.N. - Bangalore
Wonderful !! Best Of Luck 
Pearl Panthaki - Bangalore
Great Models. Very classy and modern. Great collection.
Vaviane Thoueille - Paris
An amazing store and the perfect start! All the very best guys!
I'm sure you will go from strength to strength.
Sidharth Krishnama - Hyderabad
Very Nice Collection. 
Arati - Bangalore
Impressive Jacket Collection !! 
Rahil M. - Bangalore
Loved the stock & the detailing.
Nishi Rahman - Bangalore
Our Japanese friend visited and purchased your fabulous bag. He really likes your bag and always shows off it.
It's our pleasure to see him.
Thank You!
Tomoki Nagaya - Japan
Store Manager Has Been Extremely Helpful And Customer Friendly.
Dino Lorenzin - Australia
Nice Modern Showroom for latest designs in leather goods. Winner of "Hero Indian Open" lucky draw.
Mr Ram Mohan Rao - Bangalore
I Love TLB!! So Much
Kensuke Chida - Japan
Great Messenger Bag!
Shelton Dinhlero - Cochin
Very Good Stuff :)
Juli - Bangalore
Pretty Stuff .
Deeptha Narayan - Bangalore
Thank you for your excellent service!
The design of the products is just great!
Lynn Lam - Hong Kong
Excellent Service and Good selection of Jackets.
Praadip Antony - Canada
Neat stuff!
Mahesh G - Bangalore
Super Stuff Zee !!
Achu Jacob - Oman
Very nice collection !! Good Luck !!
Anna Eipe - Bangalore
TLB has a good range and awesome products to choose from. Zeshan and Jayanti are a fab team, responsive and prompt - gifting an online voucher has never been so easy! With the online option its a great shopping experience for those who cannot travel to Bangalore.
All the best and wishing you much success!
Benaifar Nagwaswalla - Mumbai
Awesome looking stuff. I plan to buy the following this year:
In-flight Strolley, Messenger bag
Would love to see your range of messenger bags. Where can I get a dekko?
Gurprriet Siingh - Mumbai
Beautiful Bags.
Chitra Shanmugam - Bangalore
So Vogue  :)
Gai Haobam - Bangalore
Nice Stuff!! Gonna come in soon...
Kabir Bhasin - Bangalore
Really nice store! Love it !
Diana Billimoria - Bangalore
I want all the bags Jo!! Awesome Designs!
Neha Bajaj - Bangalore
Nitya Noronha - New Zealand
Lovely Collection.
Suvarna Agarwal - Bangalore
I Love Your Facade !! Great Collection .
Diana Christian - Bangalore
So glad I took the time to come.
Zarine - Bangalore