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Leather Boutique Bangalore and Online Leather Accessories for Men and Women

Your Voice
The stitches over the jacket and its lush green color is what makes it something to be present in your closet...
Stuti Uniyal - Bangalore
Dear Jayanti & Zeshan Lovely shift ! I'm so glad i finally made a trip over here! Congratulations !!
Trisha - Bangalore
Jay and Zeshan .... was great meeting you guys on Saturday! Absolutely loved the stuff i picked up .... cant wait to come to the boutique and pick up more stuff!! 
Seema Sukumar - Bangalore
Good Unique Collection.
Amitha Ravindra - Bangalore
Wonderful Stuff, really different !
Smiti Narayan - Bangalore
Loved the stock & the detailing.
Nishi Rahman - Bangalore
Awesome looking stuff. I plan to buy the following this year:
In-flight Strolley, Messenger bag
Would love to see your range of messenger bags. Where can I get a dekko?
Gurprriet Siingh - Mumbai
Liked the Hipflask.
Nisheeta Swarup - Bangalore
Lovely Place :D
Smitha Roshan - Bangalore
Very unique collection !!
Divya Bajaj - Bangalore
Absolutely brilliant! love the collection! I live in Jaipur, is there any way I can order from you guys? Can I see a catalogue with prices?
Nidhi Dube - Jaipur
Stylish Shop! Like the collection too.
Madhavi - Bangalore
Love the colours !!
Jyoti Singh - Bangalore
Very nice products!
Raghavendra - Hubli
I LOVE your stuff!
Vaibhav Mahajan - Bangalore
Very Great Collection.
Lakshmi N.K. - Bangalore
Love the selection and quality. Will be back !
Isabella Ruskin - Singapore
Nice design and variety.
Raj Ramanujam - Bangalore
Good Store !! Unique Collection.
Karthik S - Bangalore
The collection was absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad I visited yesterday and met with Jayanti who is ever so warm and gracious!
Sindhu Nadig - Bangalore
Excellent Products & Service.
Varun - Bangalore
Very nice collection !! Good Luck !!
Anna Eipe - Bangalore
Nice Products! Nice Stuff!
Assam - Japanese
Fresh & Trendy Warm Stuff!
V.J.Yadav - Bangalore
Awesome !! will be back .
Kai Chyne Woon - Bangalore
TLB has a good range and awesome products to choose from. Zeshan and Jayanti are a fab team, responsive and prompt - gifting an online voucher has never been so easy! With the online option its a great shopping experience for those who cannot travel to Bangalore.
All the best and wishing you much success!
Benaifar Nagwaswalla - Mumbai
Pretty Unique .
Rocky Andoh - Bangalore
Excellent Products. Best Wishes.
Manesh Chatterjee - Bangalore
Hi Zeshan,
Excellent customer service. TLB accommodated by request to deliver the bag to my hotel as I wasn’t able to visit their shop during my short stay in Bangalore.
Craftsmanship is pretty good. Definitely value for money.
Kelvin Goh -
Very Nice Collection.
Asif - Bangalore
Loved the Collection and the Service!
Asma Qureshi - Bangalore
Really nice store! Love it !
Diana Billimoria - Bangalore
Excellent designs & limited collections which is good and non confusing.
Vinod - Bangalore
Impressive Jacket Collection !! 
Rahil M. - Bangalore
Lovely collection !! 
Shruti - Bangalore
Great Colours.
Ramani Amnkumar - Bangalore
Love the leather smell !!
Akhila Srinivas - Bangalore
Love your Designs!
Dhruthi Reddy - Bangalore
Thank you TLB....i loved my new wallet...was waiting for it since long....i just loved the color and the yes the super fine quality of leather...will be coming back to shop more soon enough ... Thank u again...
Tanvi Gandhi - New Delhi
Love it ! Will come back for more.
Sangeeta Rege - Bangalore
Very nice stuff ! Had a great time browsing !! Thank You 
Amrita - Bangalore
Love the vintage look of the store and the colours !
Rhea Gupte - Mumbai
Great  Store. Brilliant collection.Love the ipad.
Syma Ahmed - Bangalore
Amazing collections and very good service.
Gokul - Bangalore
Great Selection!
Annamma Mathew - Bangalore
Thank you for a lovely personalised gifting option given by TLB. Personilasition will definately add more value to my gifts. My clients will love them!
Shane Lobo - Bangalore
An amazing store and the perfect start! All the very best guys!
I'm sure you will go from strength to strength.
Sidharth Krishnama - Hyderabad
Good Leather.
Yukiko lshikawa - Japan
Excellent collection ! Loved the wide range of stuff both for ladies & gentleman.
Mrs Sandhya Jagannathan - Bangalore
Store Manager Has Been Extremely Helpful And Customer Friendly.
Dino Lorenzin - Australia