Leather Labs at The Leather Boutique


Right from the leather, down to the finish of the product, we ensure that each one is a masterpiece. Our leathers are sourced from ‘green’ factories around the world that have adopted European norms of chemical effluent treatment and processed in tanneries that meet REACH standards for its leathers in favour of eco- care and sustainability. 

Leather in essence is a by product of the meat industry. Over the years it has evolved into the ultimate luxury and fashion statement that has to be nurtured with a conscience. TLB works with BSCI compliant factories and also ensures no child labour is employed in the creation of its products. TLB works with real leather which is bio-degradeable unlike faux leather, which is a petroleum based product. All this allows our patrons to enjoy our products with a clean conscience.

The Leather Boutique has the unique advantage of being in control of the entire production process right from the Leather sourcing and processing to the design, crafting and engineering of each individual piece. The Full-Grain leathers are of the highest quality with minimal finish to accentuate the natural beauty of fine leathers. Every product that carries the trademarked TLB Seal of approval is hand crafted with the greatest attention to detail in limited production lines.

In addition each product is personally checked by the TLB team with the love and attention a quality Leather product deserves in a rigourous QC process. The passion that goes into this entire process makes it very difficult for the team to part with any of its fine masterpieces!