It Shouldn't Cost Us the Earth

We at The Leather Boutique love nature. We realise every thing we do as humans has an impact. In a time where everyone is shouting from the rooftops about sustainability and the ecological impact of rampant consumerism, we have to stop and think every time we make a purchase. Price alone is no longer the factor to a responsible consumer. The background of the manufacturing process of the product, its longevity and likely lifespan, the recyclability - these are all issues we must address when making a purchase decision. We at TLB make this decision everyday.

The packet of chips that you just bought? The chips are great but the packet will hit the landfill and sit for centuries. That nice faux leather bag you were gifted? Fast fashion is cheap and stylish but won't last long and at the end of the day is plastic based and will never decompose. Those sneakers? Rubber and plastic based, won't decompose. In fact many fast fashion brands make their money knowing their products have very limited lifespans.

We at The Leather Boutique ensure our products are made in REACH certified factories using humanely sourced leathers that have been processed in environmentally friendly tanneries. Effluents are treated and not just released into sewers. Workers are paid a fair wage and old school craftsmanship goes into making our products. Are we cheap? No, but we aim for a sustainable future. Are you cheap? It's upto you to decide what your planet is worth to you. 

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