The Reasons Why We Love It So

The birthday of a certain romantic Saint is around the corner and ‘love’ seems to be on everyone’s mind. Shop windows display it, the radio sings it and magazines speak of insightful tips. Leaving the buying and proposing to you, we get a little self-indulgent and talk about our one, true love. You guessed it. Leather! And like any adulation worth its salt, we are here to tell the world the many reasons why we love our leather.

Its Lasting Beauty

Sure, it gets a few wrinkles and marks along the way, but leather is one of those rare materials that actually gets better with time. Its beauty transforms through the years as it passes down generations. Adapting and softening with every use, a classic work of leather is a silent spectator to a life’s adventures.

Leather Bag

Having travelled across shores and stories, a beautiful piece of leather is an inheritance that will be cherished.

Its Loyalty Stands the Test of Time

Tanned leather is a loyal companion and its durability has stood the test of time. From leather gloves to sofas, its resilience was and continues to be one of its most enviable features. Strong enough to weather every journey yet soft enough to cushion every treasure, leather truly lasts a lifetime in all its luxurious splendour.


Discovered in this stunning condition almost 2,000 years later, this Aramaic Bible is written in gold lettering on pure leather – a testament as good as any to the endurance of hide.

It Is Au Naturale

Unlike its synthetic imitators, leather poses no harm to the environment when treated under standardized guidelines. Derived from the hide of animals, pure leather is a naturally obtained material which when treated right can be remarkably non-polluting. Even after tanning, it retains its natural properties making it entirely biodegradable. Another reason why TLB takes great pride in our conscientiously-sourced leather and its hand-crafted accessories.

Leather Backpack

To us, the natural beauty of leather is its most alluring charm.

It Carries Oodles of Oomph

An undeniable quality of the leather is the volumes it speaks of its wearer. Whether in the form of an accessory, garment or décor, its inherent state of luxury is reflected iconically on its owner. Many may wish they could carry it off, but only a chosen few can do so with oomph. It is this very panache that makes The Leather Boutique the place for your everyday luxury.

Leather Black Dress

Beyonce performing in an all-leather black dress. Need we say more?

Its Timeless Charm

Remember that bag you loved which began to chip away and crumble? That was faux leather and its time-sensitive nature. A pure leather bag, or any other leather accessory, will neither crumble nor lose its charm. The beauty of its grain unfolds as it moulds itself to its repurposed form. And the fear of the occasional stain is now a thing of the past with our repair and maintenance services. So go ahead and indulge, if you love it too!

Leather Care

Cleaning up your favourite piece of leather is as easy as dropping it off in our expert care!

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