Time to make a Change

Almost 2 years to the day. Boy how time flies. You know you’re getting older when you start growing hair here and there that’s shockingly white. Wow! Now where have I been you must be wondering.. Moved country? Joined a band? Part of a cult? Well not all of these are wrong. I just got a little lazy I guess, and life sorta happened. Initially the new store took a lot of time and attention and writing seemed like something that could be placed on the back burner. I can always do it next week right? Not like you guys were dying to read what I have to say, I’m no management guru or anything.

Anyway 2 years. How do I bring you, O busy reader up to speed with my life? And that to so you can read it in the few minutes while eating your egg puff and before your next work call. Hmmm. So I just read my last blog post. Sounds like I was drifting, doesn’t it? Maybe the fatigue of setting up the new store, being an involved father and generally everything that takes up our time. I slipped into a coma of repetition I guess. Life happens and we are swept away in the vortex of our desires, dreamland and harsh reality. Eventually the toughest part was accepting the truth.

Our new location wasn’t working for us and we had to give it up. Even then I didn’t consider it a failure. Precious capital was spent, never to return but valuable lessons were learnt. It was a painful process, but it always is when your plans don’t go the way you want them to. Change is inevitable.

I then relocated The Leather Boutique to a new shared retail space in a posh part of town, vying with Ferraris and Harleys for parking. Forward to the present a year later. This time for reasons beyond our control, the management has decided to go another way and shunt us out. And I have made a startling discovery. This might be the best thing that could have happened to me personally.

We are now taking TLB exclusively online on our website and realigning the brand to current realities and opportunities. My digital agency in Mumbai (I finally met these guys a month ago, almost 4 years after I started working with them) is helping with the transition. Makes you pause, we are so digitally connected we don’t need to meet vendors, colleagues, customers, partners or anyone that often anymore in this hyper connected virtual world. No judging, just stating.

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