The Leather Boutique has reinstated the fact, rather emphatically, that a piece of genuine leather will last you a lifetime, and then some. But what we haven’t told you yet is how to ensure it actually does. Leaving it out to face the extremities of time and nature without proper care and nourishment will leave your favourite leather bag, briefcase, folder, jacket or shoes, limp and worse for the wear. While we strongly advocate you use your leather as often as you like, treating it with special care will keep its beauty forever intact!

And don’t worry. Looking after your precious TLB is a lot easier than you imagined! Keep these five tips in mind and your leather will thank you forever.

  1. Keep it Covered

Moisture, direct sunlight and changing temperatures can affect your leather in numerous ways. Whether its shoes, bag or jackets, be sure to keep them covered in cloth bags after every use. Most premium leather brands, like ours, ensures they package their pieces in breathable cloth bags, so just be sure not to throw them away and you’ll have a solution readily available. Make sure, however, that you do not store them in plastic or vinyl as they do not breathe and retain moisture.

  1. Keep it Clean

That little speck of gravy that fell onto your bag during lunch could cost you if you don’t act immediately. Spot-cleaning your leather is essential to keeping it lustrous and radiant. For easy-to-remove stains, simply wipe off with a damp cloth around the affected area and let it dry naturally. If it’s a harder stain to remove, like ink or wine, read point no. 4!

  1. Keep it Off the Floor

Any true connoisseur of leather will let out an audible cry of dismay if a beautiful leather handbag or jacket is found strew across the floor. They aren’t being melodramatic like you just imagined. They know what they are gasping about! Dirt, moisture and germs abound on every floor not sanitized for a toddler. So, placing your leather on a clean upper surface or investing in a bag hook is absolutely essential.

  1. Keep Up with Maintenance

With time, straps will fray, stains will accumulate, and linings could give way. Don’t discard a thing of beauty just because of wear and tear and instead, find a reputed leather care facility to render it as good as new! The longer you wait for repairs however, the harder it gets to resuscitate so make sure you are timely with your leather maintenance.

  1. Keep its Shape

Storing leather accessories like handbags and shoes without something to help hold their shape will result in creases and warping. If you can’t seem to find a suitable bag caddy, stuff your bags with paper and zip them up securely. Also make sure you do not hang your bags on their straps or your jackets without a hangar when storing. This will do wonders in increasing the longevity of your leather and its hardware.